Carpe Diem

Progetto: Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet
Etichetta: Tǔk Music
Anno: 2018

Fresu, Ferra, Dalla Porta and Bagnoli take everyone by surprise proposing the most electric band of the Italian jazz scene of the last few years in a completely acoustic version, subverting canons and habits, also the drowsy habits of many journalists that find it easy to hastily stick labels on a certain project.
Fresu’s simply new, and in a way unsettling, idea is to release a completely different record from the previous albums, whose strength lies the fact that is a completely acoustic, played on completely acoustic instruments (including Bebo Ferra’s guitars and Stefano Bagnoli only brushes technique, in which he is a true master).
A breakthrough turning point for this wonderful band, from soap opera to Rimbaud...a crazy journey for this evil quartet!!!

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